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Apply Net is a tech blog founded in 2018. When we say tech, we don’t just mean video games – we look at tech from all angles, be it software, computer hardware, and talking about the newest and coolest tech! If you like finding out about what’s going on in the tech world right now, then you should stick around.

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Despite being relatively new to the blogging game, we’re looking to release content that’s at the forefront of tech blogging. We’re interested in all different kinds of content, from talking about console and PC gaming, to tech gadget pieces, to articles about the latest tech news. In browsing our blog, you’ll see very quickly that our content is very diverse and we do not restrict ourselves to talking about a single topic. We like list-based articles a great deal, and you will notice that lots of our content revolves around it.

As tech fans, we think that it’s important to make our content accessible to people who love tech, just like us. So, we try to tailor out content around you — the reader — and make all of our articles interesting and relevant to tech-lovers and people wanting to learn more about technology.


Best CPU For 2018

The best CPU at the moment is, without a doubt, the AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X. With a clock speed at 3.4 GHz, it’s slightly below what other top-end gaming processors will offer. However, with a staggering 16 processor cores available, it can process several different threads at a time. This, in addition to AMD’s trademark ‘thread ripper’ technology, allows it to process tasks much quicker by making use of its high number of cores. When it comes to gaming, there is no competitor, and this is also a very handy CPU for other difficult tasks like photo processing and video editing.

Best XBOX One Game This Year

As far as we’re concerned, Sea of Thieves is the best XBOX exclusive to come out in years, and definitely our pick for the best XBOX one game of the year. The art-style is completely charming, and the sea looks absolutely breath-taking and realistic. The collaboration makes the game truly amazing – playing over several hours with some friends is one of the best gaming experiences of the past few years.

You can work together to find some treasure, sink an enemy ship, or slay a sea-monster. If you’re looking for one of gaming’s true genuine adventures, then look no further than Sea of Thieves.


Best Photo Editing Software

Let’s be honest, as soon as you saw the title, you knew that Photoshop CC was going to be the best photo editing software currently available. Purchasable as a subscription-based service (with a free trial), it is undoubtedly the premier photo editing software package. For commercial, personal, or educational purposes, there really aren’t any better pieces of software available. The relatively new cloud functionality, allowing you to edit files collaboratively across multiple devices, cements Photoshop’s position as the crown jewel of photo editing software. It’s no coincidence that photo editing and ‘Photoshop’ are synonyms.

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