15 Must Have Free Lightroom Presets

One thing that has improved on the way of processing our images is the introduction of free Lightroom presets. However, presents are available in hundreds online and therefore make it hard for interested parties to download the best. As a result, in this article, we discuss 15 must have free lightroom presents that will make your photography work amazing.

1. The Sleeklens Starter Pack

On the top position of our list is Sleeklens starter pack. You can consider it the best in improving both personal and contract works.

You can use a collection of presets available here to make some global adjustments. It’s among the best presets you can consider using. You can learn more if you click https://sleeklens.com/free-lightroom-presets/ link.

2. Weeding Lightroom Preset Collections

For any wedding events, wedding lightroom preset collections contain all that you want. You can use it when taking wedding or engagement pictures.


You can take advantage of great HDR as well as the matte look that features multiple vignetting. And these are the traits that make your photography work to stand out amazing.

3. Mad Dash

If you want to add contrast and desaturated looks to your photos, this is the lightroom preset you should apply. The preset fills all the dark color spaces popping your pictures and makes them look great.

4. Weddings Look

Weddings Look uses a combination of two Lightroom presets which increases exposure, contrast, sight vignette, sharpens the portrait, adds warmth and vibe. In this way, you’re able to include the polished version of the unexposed photos.

5. Fashion Vintage

Fashion Vintage features a collection of 10 Lightroom presets useful for wedding and portrait photographers. Each of the presets offers a new look on to your photos.

6. Quantum Collection

With 16 of its free Lightroom presets, Quantum aims to give high-quality photo conversions that you can manage without necessarily leaving Lightroom. The preset has over a hundred results, organized and refined into a powerful toolkit for simplicity in use.


7. Vintage Wedding

The free Lightroom preset works best for wedding and portrait photos with the aim of reviving the old era.

8. Silky Smooth Skin

If you’re doing family shoots, this preset will work in the best way for babies. It works to add a smooth skin to your baby’s photos, makes the picture stunning, and reduces the shadow effect. In this way, it makes the image appear softer.

9. Matt Kloskowski’s Spotlight

Matt Kloskowski’s spotlight features multiple presets that you can use to add spotlights in particular areas. It uses the idea of radical effects present in the Lightroom and keeps everything under your control.

10. Milky Noir

If you want to try headshots, these will be the best option. It allows editing of headshot background by making brighter images with little-washed shadows.

11. Hollywood

As the word suggests, this Hollywood features two free Lightroom presets which works to add a filmy feel into your photos. It changes the simple look to a glamorous feel.

12. Street Photography

With over 15 presets, you can change the look of the images captured from the streets. Its effects are amazing and will add a great feel to your photos.

13. MCP Mini Enlighten


MCP Mini Enlighten is another collection of 15 photographer lightroom presets which applies in a wide area of the shooting. You can consider using the presets separately or combine them for fantastic results.

14. Color Pop

If you need to add some colors to your photos, Color Pop will be the best idea. It’s also ideal for adding life into your photos.

15. Newborn Baby

If you’re taking pictures of a newborn baby, this will be the best option. Have a chance to experience soft, natural, realistic and subtle look of your photos.

Now there it is folks, an ultimate list of the 15 must have free Lightroom presets you can download. Consider using any among them, and you’ll not regret your choices. I hope you find this article of help in your career.