5 Tips for Using the Lightroom Adjustment Brush Tool

No photographer in the world who takes perfect photos that never need any editing, sometimes photographers take pictures that may need editing on one specific part and no other parts, at such a point all you need is a powerful tool of Lightroom known as adjustment brush.

If you are a photographer and you don’t know how to use adjustment brush then you generally don’t know how to use lightroom, simply because the day that you will have a photograph that needs editing on a specific portion of a photo you will fail to make it. But anyway don’t wait till then, learn now some tips for using the Lightroom adjustment brush tool.

1. To change different brushes, use the A/B options.

If you have ever done normal painting work you have discovered different paint job require different brushes depending on the surface, the size and the paint you are using to paint. Just as there are different brushes in natural painting lightroom adjustment brush tool has different sizes of brushes.


Brush A is set automatically but for brush B you set the size, flow and mask you want. Therefore when editing a photo you may keep alternating the brushes depending on the portion you want to edit.

2. Make custom brush effect presets

There are some conditions even in normal house painting when all the brushes you have don’t meet the demand or the place you want to paint, at this point you have to be creative and make something unique to cross the bridge.

The same case with Lightroom adjustment brush, when brush A and B seems to be inappropriate to do the editing that needed at the moment you have to be more creative and make a custom brush effects that will meet the demand.

3. Putting more color to brush

ust as the normal painting starts with submerging your brash into paint so as to add paint to a brush, Lightroom adjustment brush also need coloring, this is done by clicking the large X in the rectangular box near the color panel, after you click the big X you will see an eyedropper and a color picker. The two tools are used to color your brush before you start painting on your photo.

4. In order to contain the brush to a specific region being edited, know how to use the auto mask tool

Having that adjustment brushes come in one shape only, the round shape. You have to make sure you do the editing on the region you targeted only, and this can be made possible by use of the auto mask. When you use this tool, you will end up painting properly and painting the predetermined region only without damaging the whole picture.


5. Brush size settings and rectifying the mistakes

Despite the shape of the brush being circular, it is not limited to size, you can change the size of your brush to the size that will apply to the portion you want to edit,
It is human nature to make mistakes, but with Lightroom adjusting brush you just press and hold the Alt key and the brush changes to eraser which makes it possible to fix an error.

If you follow the above tip to use Lightroom adjustment brush and you practice enough to perfection, be assured your photographs will ever be attractive to all human eyes.