A Beginner Introduction To Lightroom Presets

Lightroom is one of most famous and popular image editing software programs designers and photographers use today. Global batch editing and simplified workflow are some of the most important features every photographer loves. The availability of presets in Lightroom is an essential feature.

The presets and actions are easy to install, use, and organize. Finding and installing presets in Lightroom is simple. Nonetheless, the result can greatly improve your workflow.

The Lightroom software is a powerful tool, especially with the release of new features, improvements and bug fixes on a regular basis make it even better. There are different things that one can achieve while using Lightroom software. The trick is, you need to grasp some few tips to make you easier and have fun while editing your photos and getting the best out of them.


A Lightroom preset refers to a predetermined position of all if not some of the sliders in Lightroom. You can edit a picture to your liking and save the exact combination of slider position for future use.

Why should you use lightroom presets?

Presets allows people to apply action just from one simple click. Whenever you are performing a batch editing, adding some presets to the Lightroom tool or making presets of your won can help speed up your work even more. One of the greatest merits of using presets is the powerful organizational capabilities.

When you add presets to your Lightroom software, you make routine editing fun and easy to apply. Having the capability to edit many images all at once is a great step in the editing process.

How to find and download presets

It is always easy to find the best presets for your own needs. Searching the web with types of photos that you usually edit is a great way of finding different presets that can apply to your situation.

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Searching for the best wedding presets will only give you presets that are only designed to work on wedding images while searching for Lightroom portrait presets will give you results that are best in photography. While looking or browsing for the best presets online, always ensure you take note of the actions they are adjusting.

How to install presets

Installing a preset is easy. Follow the below steps.

1. Download the presets that you want to use.

2. Open the Lightroom software, then go to edit from the windows version.

3. Next, locate preference and presets. To do this, click on the box titled Show Presets. Double-click on Develop presets and copy the folder your presets here.

4 Close and restart Lightroom in order for the presets to get installed.

How to use Presets

Using presets is easy and fun. Once the priests are installed, select a photo that you want to edit. Click on presets in the develop module then select the preset of your choice and apply it to the image. One of the easiest ways to find out if the presto has taken effect is to hover a cursor over the preset at to see if the changes have been effected in the preview window.