Apply Net isn’t just any old tech blog. We talk about all the usual suspects – video games, software, computer games and cool tech – of course. But, we’re about more than that: we want to bring cutting edge tech content made by people who love technology, for people who love technology.

Once our site is fully up-and-running, you should expect to see articles written by our talented team of writers on a whole host of tech topics, including articles on things that any self-respecting lover of tech would be interested in!Like many similar websites, list articles are our forte, and you’ll likely see that our preferred format for much of the content written on our website is in the form of a list. However, we don’t just do lists, we also like the occasional review, comparison articles, and even the occasional think piece!

Expect to see us talk about XBOX games, software of all kinds, the best gaming PCs and hardware and of course discussing the coolest tech and gadgets that are available at the moment. Ultimately, if you like tech and are interested in reading about it, then you’re in the right place!