Best Car Wash Apps on The Market

As cars tend to get pretty unpleasant and dirty, it is the duty of a car owner to have it cleaned regularly. It is exciting how you can order for an on-demand car wash service on your smartphone. Such services eliminate the need for you to rush to a nearby car wash especially when you have a busy schedule. Here are the best car wash apps you can use.

1. Wype

Wype is a Los Angeles based car cleaning service offering eco-friendly solutions. The company uses its flagship Wype car wash app, which runs on Android and iOS devices) to help clients order for car cleaning services on the go. When you order the service via the app, the company will have your car cleaned using a waterless car cleaning method. Wype contributes to global water conservation efforts and donates gallons of water to needy towns.

2. Spiffy

With more than $11 million in funding, Spiffy is on the verge to provide environmentally friendly and safe car wash solutions to car owners.

Sponge Wash

Its mobile Android and iOS app allows you to schedule, rate and pay for a cleaning service. The startup adopts a system known as the Spiffy Green System to ensure that all cleaning activities have up to 100 percent water recycling capacity and zero water run-offs. Founded in 2014, the startup also continues to expand its global reach.

3. Washos

As a Los Angeles based startup, Washos has an iOS and web app that allows clients to make car wash bookings. The startup usually receives over 1,000 bookings on its web and mobile platform.

It also generates more than $700,000 thanks to its mobile application. You can schedule for a car cleaning service in advance of up to 30 days and the company will send cleaners to your specific location within 90 minutes.

4. Qweex

Qweex offers car owners a convenient and eco-friendly way of getting their car cleans through an Android and iOS app. The mobile app allows you to inform Qweex about your location using Google maps. As a startup, Qweex guarantees its clients of a $1,000,000 policy on all the car wash processes. To benefit from the services, you need to make a reservation early.

5. Dinowash

Founded in 2015, Dinowash is a Toronto based car wash service that attends to clients through its Android and iOS apps. The apps allow users to schedule a wash and get a professional detailer sent to their specific locations in minutes.

Car Wash

Dinowash is on the verge to make the most out of the $57.6 billion car wash industry. It looks forward to expand to other locations in a bid to make its services more accessible.


The car cleaning app you choose to install on your smartphone should guarantee you of excellent services. The company behind the app should have the relevant infrastructure and resources for sending a detailer to your location. The company’s detailers should also offer eco-friendly and safe cleaning solutions. Choose the app after going through the customer reviews to determine whether it is a good fit for you.