Best Mobile Charge Capture Apps in 2018

Hospital settings are very busy and every second a physician spends with a patient determines a life or death situation. Physicians are always on call and therefore, the majority of their time is spent on the go as they try to keep up with their busy schedules. Hence, a doctor does not have the luxury of time to enter patients’ billing data and harmonize their itinerary. However, with mobile charge capture apps, all you need to do is install a charge capture application on your mobile gadget or PC. Here are the top portable charge capture apps for 2018.

pMD Charge Capture

The pMD Charge Capture is a mobile app that enables doctors and other health practitioners to access and update their billing records. The functional nature of this mobile charge capture app ensures timely reporting of the data to the billing agency. Consequently, it ensures timely disbursement of funds by billing firms to the accounts of the physicians.
The app is supported on mobile devices with the aim of enabling entry of patients’ data and billing requirements on the go. This move helps the doctor keep in touch with their patients anywhere and anytime.
The app has an easy to navigate dashboard. The simple nature of its interface helps health providers access data like room numbers, bed count, rounding lists fast and in real-time.

MD Coder

This app is the most precise and swift in its charge capturing capabilities. It has a straightforward interface that enables a health practitioner to get access to patients’ catalog in a few keystrokes of their PC or charge capture application.
MD Coder app has enhanced security features to ensure doctor-patient conversations are private. The app is also web-enabled allowing health practitioners to access comprehensive reports on computers. Automated capturing features ensures timely receiving of reports like PQRS codes and prompt action taken on them.

SwiftPay MD

If you are a health practitioner and desiring convenience, SwiftPay MD is the charge capture app you need. This app has a voice text technology that allows a doctor and patient to communicate audibly. It saves the patient and doctor time they would have wasted typing. SwiftPay MD has an inbuilt camera feature that allows a physician to capture patients’ data in a single click.
Patients’ insurance info is generated and transmitted very first to the relevant offices for appropriate action.

PatientKeeper Charge Capture

PatientKeeper Charge Capture is supported on all devices. From mobile devices to PCs and tablets. Its functionality makes it an ideal charge capturing platform for health practitioners in remote areas. It allows them to obtain the repository of their clients and help schedule the time to access them for follow-ups.
The app has programmed revenue assurance features that ensure flagging down of coding errors in advance. The timely nature of pinpointing problems makes it the best charge capture app for secure billing data. It also fosters good communication between the billing firm and the physician through the paid comment field on the dashboard.


If you are a hands-on type of person, NueMD is the ideal app for you. It allows you to monitor your records, apprise billing data and assign appointments from any location you are situated. The portability of this app makes it ideal for physicians who are always on call and those who have and those who work in various hospitals at once.

NueMD supports media files like documents, voice notes and images to compile a patient’s comprehensive record. The data is also used to continuously update patients’ data according to their progress in recovery. The information is then documented on the app and transmitted to other departments for further medication. The app also notifies the physician in case of a change in the schedule so that the itinerary can be updated afresh.

As a modern-day health practitioner, you do not have to succumb to the pressure associated with hospitals anymore. The stress is a thing of the past thanks to charge capture apps that have transformed the billing and scheduling tasks that gave doctors and nurses sleepless nights.