Best Running Apps in 2018

The benefits of incorporating running in your workout routine are tremendous. Not only can running lead to weight loss, but it can also reduce stress, boost immunity and build your confidence. Running has been made more convenient by the introduction of running apps that help in various ways. This article will explore in detail some of the best running apps in 2018.

1. Strava

Strava avails a variety of features that help you track your performance in such metrics as interval timing and pace distribution. The app also sets your personal records and is suitable for professional runners who want much focus on their performance.



• It provides running stats such as speed and distance covered. It also avails data on elevation gained and calories burnt. The app also shows an interactive map of your running.
• It allows you to follow running mates and view their activities for encouragement and pace making.
• Allows sharing of running details on social media.
• It is compatible with virtually all GPS running watches and activity trackers.

This app provides you with vital information about your running activities. It is widely used all over the world and is definitely one of the best running apps.

2. Runtastic

Runtastic is a fantastic app for tracking your running, jogging and walking activities. It provides users with vital information such as distance, speed, time and calories burnt.


• It has an in-built coach to assist you in improving your performance.
• It tracks and records your running performance in real-time, and keeps a detailed record of your past running activities.
• It provides you with weather information to help you plan your running sessions accordingly.
• It features a running leaderboard that helps you compare your performance with your running mates.
• It has a music player that entertains you with music and helps you focus while running. It also has live tracking and cheering capabilities.

A comprehensive record of all your workouts helps you track your progress and benchmark.

3. Nike+ Run Club

This is one of the best RUNNING APPS to track your performance and assist in improving your running.


• It features an in-run audio feedback that reports your performance.
• The app provides accurate running stats such as speed, distance and time.
• It avails leadership charts to promote competition with your running mates. The leadership charts encourage improved performance.
• Provides a training program and coaching to help you reach your goals.

This app provides you with vital stats and support that can lead to improved performance. You also get motivation from music, running mates and the online community.

4. Runkeeper

This app has great features that will help you a lot with your running.


• It tracks your running stats such as distance and pace. It can be used with GPS to show your running map.
• You can set a customized motivating voice to help you perform better.
• You can create personalized schedules and set reminders.
• It records a comprehensive workout history.
• You can compare your performance with other runners for motivation.

This app provides accurate and vital information and will definitely help with your workouts.

5. MapMyRun

MapMyRun is one of the best workout apps available.


• Audio performance feedback after every GPS-tracked run.
• Gear Tracker can track how you use your running shoes over time and advice on when to change them.
• Its Routes feature helps you discover new running routes and save your favorite ones. You can also share the routes with your running mates.

This app is used all over the world by both amateur and professional runners — it as proven to be very helpful with workouts. In an era when people are encouraged to adopt a workout routine, the running apps discussed above will go a long way in helping with these challenging yet beneficial activities.