Can I Do Bench Press Without A Spotter

You need a spotter when performing bench presses to ensure the weight does not crush your neck, chest, or face should you fail. A spotter is a friend of sorts, who helps you get the weight you are lifting back up when your arms wear out and start to buckle. Sometimes, you simply might be friendless. What do you do when you find yourself in this situation?

Recently I was at this gym, and I just didn’t trust anyone to act as my spotter and this was a huge predicament to be in. in this article, we will talk about whether an individual can do bench presses without a spotter.

Your options and what you need


You could indeed avoid the whole tricky situation by pressing dumbbells or by using machines that mimic the movement of the bench press. But sometimes you just might need to do a genuine bench press without the help of anyone. You will need a power cage that includes adjustable stops or you can try these out.

Setting up the cage

Now, my first attempt trying this method it seemed almost impossible. The fact that you need to ensure you bring the bar down to your chest, but you have to set up stops just above the chest made it look unachievable.


I, however, discovered that all you need to do is arch your back in just like powerlifters. It is important that the bar touches your sternum and not your shoulders or upper chest. When setting up, ensure that you test it out by escaping from under the bar and letting the weight rest on the stops.


There are a few video tutorials, available online, to help you set up the cage with adjustable stops that you should check out.