How Do Restaurants Stay Competitive In Business

Once you have defined your goals on how to make your restaurants stay competitive in business, you will need to choose a strategy that will be measurable and that you can repeat over time with minor changes to continue generating the same results.

Once you have defined the mains steps, how you are going to brand the strategy, which market or group it is targeting and the media or channel you will use, you must carefully choose the wording and the type of offer you will make. Then you need to have a strong and clear call to action. Now you are ready to make more sales.


Being perceived as a giver can be the most effective way to get support from your local community. The psychology of buying food is very sensitive because it is one of our most basic needs. I am sure you are aware that pricing is very sensitive in the restaurant industry, primarily for this reason.


Jewelers may not have this problem because buying jewelry is a different mindset: people will pay a high price for a luxury item without questioning value. So the idea here is to tweak people’s psychology and make them look at you as someone who gives generously. You can give the first thousand dollars in sales to the local charity for that night, or allocate some money in each sale to the charity.

Guarantee repeat sales

Don’t worry about the profitability of your restaurant for that night, this is a PR exercise, but here’s how you can guarantee repeat sales later on: Give each client a “thank you” Card and offer them 2 free glasses of wine for a table of 2 or 1 free bottle of wine for a table of four on their next visit, valid for 2 weeks.

Attached to the card, have a little “Contact Form” that they fill up with their email address, their birthday and their mobile number, plus if possible their mailing-address.

Offer bonuses

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So what have you achieved on that night? If you do a very good job on the day and later with you follow-ups, you will have at least 50% of these people become regular clients with a customer lifetime value. Multiply that with the number of new clients you are getting, and this is your restaurant sales increase from that night.

If you use that to your best advantage, you will get some newsworthy coverage in the local rag as a bonus, that’s very cheap PR, isn’t it? For more information, click here now!

Interact and answer questions

But most importantly if you do that every now and then, you will change the way you are perceived as a restaurant owner: You have answered the crucial question that is in everybody’s subconscious mind: What’s in it for me? And what’s in it for the community?

If you have a food business and you are perceived as a giver, you have struck a very sensitive cord in your own favor! Here is a tip though: Your fundraiser should be spontaneous and at a time when nobody else is doing one.