Is Fiocchi Good Ammo?

Fiocchi ammo is an ammunition brand that is produced by Fiocchi Munizioni company and has been in operation since 1876. Giulio Fiocchi established this company, and the family runs it to date. The main production facility of this ammunition is situated in Italy and has several branches all over the world. The company is renowned for its quality production of center-fire rifles, rimfire ammunition, center-fire handguns as well as shotguns.

What makes Fiocchi ammo great?

If you are looking for ammunition that is flawless in performance and cheap at the same time, Fiocchi ammo is the go-to brand. This ammunition burns clean without any stoppages, unlike other ammunition brands in the market. You can use this ammunition for the longest time without any malfunctions, and its high brass makes it hotter than other domestic brands.


The ammo has a good muzzle velocity, and Fiocchi brand production companies supply ammo to a wide range of military units all over the world. Its bullets are relatively light-enhancing accuracy is a guarantee. To try out this ammo, you can check out fiocchi ammo for sale

Also, their low flash makes it easy for a person to retain his or her night vision even at night, and they have got low recoil too, making Fiocchi ammo ammunitions more desirable.

Fiocchi ammunition are designed for tighter and minimum variation groups. They can either be used in severe shout outs as well as during competition. Fiocchi ammunition have been used in Olympic triumphs in the recent past with the Athens and Beijing competitions being the highlights.


You don’t have to sacrifice quality when purchasing ammunition at a cheap cost since Fiocchi is here for you! Besides the low purchasing price, Fiocchi ammo has a wide variety to choose from, and they have a classic, hard to find calibers that make the ammunition fit for both the shooter and collector. Fiocchi is a reputable company in the Ammon industry, and it has a broad customer base making it an ideal brand to go for when shopping.