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Benefits for the Grant Officers: 


Quickly launched
Easy to install and implement, ApplyNET Scholarship's standard implementation time is 10 working days.


Time-and-cost efficient
ApplyNET Scholarship allows easy management of the application, evaluation and selection process. This includes automated e-mails and the ability to export the collected data into an external database.


ApplyNET Scholarship eliminates all paperwork and the manual re-entry of data in the record system.


ApplyNET Scholarship allows you to create, modify and post your scholarship and grant applications on the Internet.


Reliable and secure
ApplyNET Scholarship is only accessible through passwords and you determine who should be provided with access to the system.


Benefits for the institution:


Increase time management and cost efficiency of your application process, as well as the organization’s  ability to receive, sort, review, file and filter large amounts of applications with ease.


ApplyNET Scholarship gives your institution the flexibility to execute automated deadlines or year-round applications.


A larger pool of applicants will mean that you will have more opportunities to assign scholarships and grants to QUALITY applicants.


ApplyNET Scholarship integrates easily into your current software and effortlessly transforms your paper-based process into an efficient online procedure.

  Benefits for the applicants:
ApplyNET Scholarship eliminates long mailing times, paperwork and all the errors that may occur as a result.

User Friendly
ApplyNET Scholarship is entirely web-based, accessible through both Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.


With ApplyNET Scholarship applicants can save their application in-process, access and submit it later.


ApplyNET Scholarship enables applicants to apply for scholarships and grants no matter where they are located via the Internet, using a simple web browser. 


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