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ApplyNET Survey is:

spend minutes to create a survey
requires no training 
instant available statistics

no limit on the number of respondents
no limit on the number of surveys and questions
no limit on duration of surveys


with SPSS and Excel and other applications
by Mac and IBM users as well
access and promote via web

SQL Server 2000 (MSDE version) with
data encryption on DB level
Secure Socket Layer License incorporated on request.


Benefits for the researcher:


gather unlimited responses

no technical expertise required

save printing, collating and mailing time and costs by eliminating paperwork

worldwide availability

minimum surveyor intervention during data collection

no incomplete submitted surveys

reduced risk of data entry errors

variety of question types

eliminate time waste on data re-keying

publish survey on a unique website

instant availability of the survey

instantly view results and statistics

customizable design


Benefits for the respondent:

convenience – entirely web-based, accessible
through both Internet Explorer and Netscape

privacy protection  – they can answer honestly to sensitive questions

user-friendly interface

time saving – respondents can do it on their own time

easy selection of answers with extra question clarification readily available

worldwide availability


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