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Unlimited responses per survey !!!


Hosted Version
if you want to buy ApplyNET Survey, but you do not have an Internet server to host ApplyNet, we can take care of all the support and hosting. This solution gives you great usage rights, yet spares the hosting expenditures for you. You are only left with taking advantage of the great functionality of ApplyNET Survey.


Hosted Version 

Per 1 Month

Per 6 Months

Per 12 Months

  Lite - One survey




  Pro - Three active surveys at the same time





For more active surveys at the same time, please contact us for a custom quote at


Prices are valid until 31 Dec. 2005.


In- House Version
presupposes that the user has an Internet server and is buying the ApplyNET Survey license from Eastisoft.

  In- house Version License
  Lite - One user 20 hrs. of maintenance included   $4900
  Department – Five independent users (cannot view each other’s work) 20 hrs. of maintenance included   $9900

Once the 20 hrs. of maintenance are exhausted, you will be able to purchase maintenance packages in the increment of 20 hrs., each priced at $500.


For more independent users, please contact us at


Prices are valid until 31 May, 2005.

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