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Survey builder

feature description

∠ survey properties:

Create and revise

Create, Edit, Copy and Paste, Delete  Surveys



Select from three language templates - Bulgarian, English and German



Specify the end date for completion of the survey


Availability Type

Select from up to three different types of survey access – public, group and individual


∠ Validation

Check if all  fields are filled correctly



Give your survey a unique outlook by :
Adding logos
Changing fonts, colors, backgrounds
Expiration text
Confirmation Text
Acknowledgement text
Thank you page


Preview survey

Provides capability to preview
survey before releasing to respondents.


17 question types:


∠ Combobox 

Single selection with dropdown box


∠ Combobox with Other

Single selection with dropdown box including the option “Other”



Allows to fill in only a whole number


∠ Radio Buttons

Single selection with buttons


∠ Text box

Multiple line text input, Free text answer


∠ Text line

Single line text input, Free text answer


∠ Check box

Single box, check if true


∠ Auto fill

Allows to send individual survey hyperlinks to respondents


∠ Choice

Multiple selection


∠ Date

Validates date questions


∠ E-mail

Validates e-mail answers


∠ Hyperlink

Insert a hyperlink


∠ List of images

Single selection of an image with radio buttons


∠ Decimal

Allows to fill in fractional numbers


∠ Presentation image

Insert an image and ask questions about it; paired with a text box


∠ Matrix question

Rows and columns with radio buttons


∠ Section Break

Creates breaks between the parts of the survey; helps to differentiate the different parts of the survey


∠ Download document

Upload additional documents such as brochures or newspaper articles as a part of the survey


question properties:


∠ Answer choices

Choose own list of answers
Pick up from a predefined list


∠ Required questions

Cannot be left without an answer


∠ Help text

Give instructions on how to answer


∠ Hint and examples

Guide the respondent with clues and illustrations


∠ Maximum symbols

Restrict the number of characters for text answers


∠ Row number

Restrict the number of rows for text box questions


Survey administration

feature description

Survey publishing and distribution methods:


      ∠ Web distribution

Post hyperlink or banner on a web page


      ∠ E-mail distribution

Unique link allows individual and group response tracking by mail merging the hyperlink with external e-mail client


∠ Listing

List all active and non-active surveys


∠ Summary Statistics

View statistics for draft and submitted surveys. Save survey stats to the computer or network


∠ Response collection

View responses in HTML and CSV (Excel and SPSS compatible) reports


 Number of surveys

Depends on subscription option


∠ Unlimited  number of responses


∠ Allow multiple surveys to run simultaneously depending on subscription option


∠ Convert Text Ranking to Numeric for Report (1 - 4)


∠ Respondents respond once (even if survey is completed more than once)


My profile

features description

∠ Profile information

View and edit salutation and contact details


∠ Change password


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