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» licensing

   In - house license


This option is most suitable for larger organizations and provides the highest level of control and greatest degree of reusability to the client. Eastisoft will give you a non-exclusive license to install and use ApplyNET Survey’s components on one server installation. In this case you will also have to supply yourself with all the supporting items necessary for running the ApplyNET, such as a Windows 2000 server, SQL Server 2000, an Internet connection, etc.


Two sub-options of this version are available:


Lite – one surveyor only


Department – five independent surveyors (cannot view each other’s work) - most suitable for groups of professors


   Subscription - hosted solution


This affordable option is best suited to cost-conscious, one-time or infrequent users and groups of users. Under this option the users avoid the higher licensing fixed costs by subscribing only to the service package they immediately need.


Users contact Eastisoft or apply for trial account for ApplyNET Survey. After receipt of registration details, ApplyNET Survey welcomes the users and states the service expiry date. Users log into a secure, private member area where they can update their personal profile. Users may start using the ApplyNET Survey right away.


Subscribers can view a history of their surveys and responses. Each subscriber can personalize the survey folder environment. Researchers build and design the surveys and promote them with mass e-mails and notifications. Researchers can view the survey results using a simple HTML reporting tool and easily produce professionally looking survey results documents (in PDF) or export survey results in any universal data format (e.g. CSV).


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