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  Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Licensed and Subscription option of ApplyNET Survey?


How many people can use the software at the same time?


Is the software IBM and Mac compatible?


Will I have access to my server from anywhere?


Are there time limits on storing and accessing my surveys and results?


What upgrades are coming?


Do you customize the software?


Can I revise old surveys and use them as new ones?


Is the software compatible with SPSS?


How do you ensure my privacy and the security of my results?


How long does it take for my survey to get to respondents?


Is anyone allowed to take the survey?


How do I limit the number of respondents?


How can I stop one respondent from filling out the survey more than once?


What format do the results come in?


Where are my results stored?


What if I don't have my own server?


Can I pay by credit card?


Do you share my email addresses with anyone?


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