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Individual Availability Type - Makes the survey accessible to pre-defined individuals by adding an unique respondent ID using the auto-fill question.


Individual Survey Hyperlink - Holds unique respondent IDs. 


Language Templates - Allows changing the language of the navigation menu, buttons and error messages. In this version of ApplyNET Survey, the user can choose from three language templates – English, German and Bulgarian.


Mail Merge -  ables users to merge the variable information (name,address, etc.) of one file with the standard information of another document /memo, letter, etc./ stored in another file.


Public Availability Type - Makes the survey accessible to the general public by generating a link which can be posted on a website.


Subsription Option - can be Licensed - license to install and use ApplyNET Survey’s components on one server installation and Subscription - subscribing only to the service package you immediately need.

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