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What is the difference between Licensed and Subscription option of ApplyNET Survey?

ApplyNET Survey offers two hosting options: Licensed- hosted by you, and Subscription-  fully hosted by Eastisoft. Licensing means that you receive Eastisoft's permission for installing ApplyNET Survey on one server installation. If you choose to be a subscriber, i.e. to use the hosted version, you will use both the product and hosting provided by Eastisoft for a certain period of time for a fee.


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How many people can use the software at the same time?

This depends on the product option you have chosen - Lite or Department. ApplyNET Survey Lite is best suited to individual researcher with specific survey needs, who do not want to share the software with other researchers.

ApplyNET Department, on the other hand, is created for groups of researchers, be it students or professional researchers, who would like to share the software. This, however, does not mean that every researcher will see the surveys and survey results of all the other researchers in the virtual "department." Access and view rights as well membership in a certain virtual department will be set by the Department Administrator. The administration of the virtual department is rather simplified and non-technical users can deal with it successfully.

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