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Is the software IBM and Mac compatible?

ApplyNET Survey is a web application. This means that using it does not depend on the sort of computer station you want to run it with. You can successfully work with ApplyNET Survey on an IBM, Mac or PC machine.

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Will I have access to my server from anywhere?


Your access to ApplyNET Survey, in case you are not a licensed user, but a subscriber, depends on your Internet connection and the browser you are using. ApplyNET Survey can be accessed from any Internet-connected computer station in the world.

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Are there time limits on storing and accessing my surveys and results?

Your survey access rights and storage time depend on the hosting option that you have chosen. Licensed users have unrestricted access to their surveys and unlimited storage space and time. Subscribers, on the other hand, can have their surveys and survey results only for the specified time they subscribed for. They will be allowed to create the number of surveys and export the amount of feedback indicated in the subscription package they chose.

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