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Is anyone allowed to take the survey?


ApplyNET Survey allows you to create two types of surveys: Public and Single Password. Your public surveys are accessible for anyone through a Public Surveys hyperlink from the login page to ApplyNET Survey. Single password surveys are accessible only for a limited number of selected respondents, to whom you have sent the complete survey hyperlink containing the password.  Another way to limit the audience of your surveys is to provide your respondents with the login page link, the survey ID and the survey password. Using the survey ID and password to login, respondents will be able to complete the survey to which you invite them.

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How do I limit the number of respondents?

You can limit the number of respondents by creating Single Password surveys instead of Public ones. The difference between these two is explained above.

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How can I stop one respondent from filling out the survey more than once?

If your survey is anonymous, there is no way to make sure that one and the same user does not log in, fill your survey and submit it several times. The only way for you to be sure that an individual user has submitted a filled survey only once, is to ask your respondents to provide personal information, such as name, e-mail address, etc.

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