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What format do the results come in?

The ApplyNET Survey software was created in such a way that survey responses can be exported to MS Excel spreadsheets and in a comma separated value (csv) format. CSV format and Excel formats are compatible with Access, SPSS, eViews or any other software that you use for data analysis. If you need help to solve any problems with data import, please contact us at .

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Where are my results stored?


If you have chosen the Licensed (In- House) version of ApplyNET Survey, your results will be stored on your own server where you have the licensed installation of the software installed. If you are a subscriber to the fully hosted version, then your results will be stored on our server for you. You will be able to access and use them for the time period of your subscription.

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What if I don't have my own server?

If you do not have your own server and do not wish to invest in buying one, you may become a subscriber to ApplyNET Survey. Being a subscriber to ApplyNET Survey gives you the same functionality, product options, services and support, but spares you  the IT administration hassle.

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