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The following table serves the purposes of suggested instructions on how to build your customer satisfaction survey

Step1: Screening Question – helps you to screen out respondents that do not qualify for you survey as you want satisfaction feedback only from people who have experienced the performance of your product/service or who are quite familiar with the business that you do.

Ask if the respondent has ever bought or used or product or service.


 Have you ever bought a Nokia cell phone?

 Yes No

 Have you ever used Galss bank online services?

 Yes No

Step 2: Warm-up questions - easy to answer questions that allow the respondents to get started more smoothly.Here you can ask about their general buying habits and knowledge about your business. Then the results from this section can be correlated with the ones from the next where respondents will be asked more specific questions about performance. This will help you discern trends between general habits and customer satisfaction.

Ask how many times they have bought or used your product/service; how often they buy it; where they buy it, etc and give specific answer options.


 How often do you buy Lady facial cream?


 How many times a year do you buy a cell phone voucher?


 Where did you buy your last Motor jeans pair?


 If not available in the list above, write down in the text box available


Step 3: Body questions – these are more difficult questions which should be organized into sections and topics; they will allow you to extract important information about the satisfaction with your product/service/company design, features, benefits, reliability, etc. Thus you will be able to identify your internal strengths and weaknesses, polish your core competencies and react to the external opportunities and threats.

Here are some suggested section and questions you can ask in a product/service satisfaction survey:
Section 1: Value-price relationship


 How do you feel about Windows 2000 price?


 Do you think that what you pay for CWU consulting is worth what you get?/where 1=strongly disagree and 7=strongly agree/

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

 How much would you be willing to pay for a dinner in an upscale restaurant?

less than $20 $21 - $40 $41 - $60 above $60

Section 2: Product/service quality


 On the following scale what is your level of agreement with the performance of Summa vacuum cleaner?

Very Poor Somewhat Unsatisfactory About Average Very Satisfactory Superior

 How strong do you believe that AS Help desk handles requests/complains efficiently?


 What is the level of ease of acquiring the product/sevice?

Very easy Easy Neither easy nor difficult Difficult Very Difficult

 When you think about your latest experience with Diop Co. was the quality of the service you received:

Very Poor Somewhat Unsatisfactory About Average Very Satisfactory Superior

 Compared to other PCs how do you think the new Macintosh performs?

Much better Somewhat better About the same Somewhat worse Much worse
Don't know or never used

Section 3: Product/services benefits


 Rank the importance of the following Orange Intercom benefits as relevant to you.


 Extremely good

 Somewhat good

 Just good


 Just bad

 Somewhat bad

 Extremely bad

Free minutes








Free Internet hours








Monthly bills








 Do feel like our 1-year warranty for the Quick watch is a good deal?

 Strongly agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly disagree


Section 4: Product/service features and design


 On a scale where 1=the best and 7=the worst rate website on the following criteria.









user friendly








easy to navigate








technical support








 What do you think about the technical parameters of Sony stereo NG 6X34?


Section 5: Reliability and consistency


 Would you recommend Pizza Veronita to a friend/relative?


 Do you intent to use Quick Tax services again?


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