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Customer Satisfaction Survey for JobTiger

JobTiger is the most popular portal for job search in Bulgaria, which has over 250,000 visits every day. In November 2004 the company decided to evaluate its performance through a customer-satisfaction survey which had to be disseminated among all of its clients. Implementing a customer-satisfaction survey using the ApplyNET tool, Job Tiger remained consistent in communicating with its clients via Internet.  Тhe company did not need to relocate human and time resources and could focus on its main services instead.

Read the full case study.pdf

Social Research Institute (SRI) at the University of UTAH

Professor Steven Bach-Harrison of Bach-Harrison Ltd. and the Social Research Institute (SRI) at the University of Utah needed to construct surveys for the Criminal and Juvenile Justice Consortium. 

After careful analysis of competition, Prof. Bach-Harrison decided to license ApplyNET Survey from Eastisoft in April 2002.

ApplyNET Survey has greatly streamlined the research process for Prof. Bach-Harrison by saving tons of paper.

Read the full case study.pdf

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