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If you want to collect feedback to improve your current products or services, you have reached the point in your business when you need a customer satisfaction survey. Here we will give you a short tutorial on how you can do that in an effective way and with the help of the ApplyNET Survey tool you will be able to construct a powerful questionnaire in no time.

What you need is called a transactional survey. Your respondents should be only your customers because only these people know how your product/service performs and it is only them that can have a say under that situation. Needless to say after you get the opinions of your customers you will be able to remodel your core competencies so that you better serve the needs of the target market.

The links below will guide you through the highlights of how to create your survey. Following them is our guarantee for your success!

General Tips

Customer Satisfaction Tutorial

Sample Customer Satisfaction Survey – Product

Sample Website feedback Survey


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