The Best Gaming Mice Of 2018

A good mouse is the crown jewel of any decent gaming setup. A high DPI, good sensitivity and RGB lighting are all things that people look out for when trying to find a gaming mouse which will truly improve their performance. Having a high DPI mouse is one of the single biggest improvements that you can make to your gaming performance. If your DPI is higher, then your mouse will move quicker on the screen, giving you a slight edge, helping you to react slightly quicker and kill your opponent in a first person shooter, for example.

So, look at our top three picks for gaming mice to use this year.

1 Logitech G502

The Logitech G502 has been regarded as the premium gaming mouse – which doesn’t come at a premium price, I might add – for several years. Offering incredible build quality and durability, easily customisable DPI (which can be adjusted using a button) and automatic scrolling.

Logitech G502

Not just this, but it has a brilliant feel in your hand, perfect sensitivity and is lightweight. If you’ve seen it, you’ll notice how slick the appearance is – it won’t negatively affect the aesthetics of your build. Top companion software makes it a really amazing mouse: you can customise the functionality of all of the 11 buttons that it comes with (including back in a web browser, opening a certain app, etc), choosing a colour for the RGB and setting the DPI, which can be as high as a staggering 12,000!

Despite not being optimised for left-handed users, the Logitech G502 is one of the most incredible mice that we’ve used, for the price of a mid-range mouse.

2 Corsair Scimitar RGB

Well known for the huge number of programmable buttons, having 17, this mouse is manufactured by Corsair, the best in the business when it comes to computer peripherals. It also comes with an adjustable slider, you can just change it using a screwdriver which comes with the mouse. The RGB lighting has four different strips, all of which can be adjusted individually.


It slightly misses out on the number one spot, because it is fairly expensive and can be a bit heavy for some users. Still, it’s an excellent piece of hardware if you’ve got lots to invest on your mouse and are really looking for premium quality.

3 Steel Series Rival 700

It might seem like a bit of a gimmick, but this mouse is one of the first in the world to vibrate, offering shock vibration which is of similar quality to the vibration available on a gaming controller. The RGB lighting that comes with the mouse is also incredible, and it even comes with an OLED display screen.


It is customisable in virtually every way possible, with buttons, lighting, and the screen all easily able to be changed. But, it is at number three for a reason. It does not have a left-handed option, which is unfortunate, and is extremely expensive for a mouse, being out of reach for most consumers.