What Are The Basics Of Image Editing?

Have you ever known that there are thousands of unspoken words in a picture? Yes, that is the truth. With the increasing range of software and software technology nowadays, one might think that photos have upped their worth more tremendously.

The point is people have mastered the concept of image editing and are applying it in all areas of Photoshop.

A beautifully edited image is worth additional info rather than just the typical outlook. Almost half of the excellent photography revolves around good image editing. To that effect, we present to you the basics required in perfect image editing. Take time to read through and have a chance to learn.


Taking photo

You need to have a basic understanding of image cropping for you to become a good image editor. Cropping tools gives you a chance to make changes on photo frame and composition. If you want to do away with unsightly building or pesky photo-bomber on your shot, considering the act of cropping is the best option.

Image color balance

Advanced software has a wide variety of options for color correction. The easiest work in image color is to balance the histogram. A histogram is a spectrum of colors that compose a photo, forming a unique photo appearance.

When editing a photo, the software reads the histogram and adjustment level allowing you to stretch the entire histogram to either bright, dark, or mixture of colors.


Sharpening brings subtle details on photos and makes out-of-focus elements to look more focused. When you do sharpening for your image, you introduce unwanted distortion of graininess in the image while at the same time doing wonders to the pictures.


Blurry photos are never salvageable with the sharpening of digital pictures, but for those that are, the tool should be used sparingly.

White balance

This is a function that specifically targets the balance of whites color. A photo that is not well white balanced appear either blue or yellow. When you learn the basic concept of striking a white balance, you stand a chance of doing wonders in image editing.

In conclusion, the above are the basics you can adhere to during image editing. Other basics like blends, stamps, and selective adjust, require you to dig deep for more advanced editing.