What are the best earrings for newly pierced ears?

Having your ears or your kid’s ears pierced is undoubtedly a very wise thought. It is the introduction to beauty or womanhood. After the piercing of the ears, everyone is usually very anxious to start wearing the regular earrings. However, for newly pierced ears, you should not rush to buying regular earrings.You should start with the small earring(studs) made from hypoallergenic metals such as stainless steel or titanium.

Most beginner earrings are usually made from genuine gold, vermeil, and sterling silver. Beware that some people react to certain metals; this means that you must be very sure about the metal you choose. If you want to purchase earrings for your newly pierced ears, learn more here.

Best earrings for newly pierced ears.

1.Pod studs.

The pod studs have a soft and organic feel that makes them best for your newly pierced ears.they are usually available in 14k yellow gold and matte sterling silver. The good thing about the Pod studs is that you can wear them as a pair or as a single especially for those who have a single piercing.

Pod stud

2.Ankole studs.

If you are looking for an every day to wear starter earring, the Ankole studs are the best. They come with a stunning and unique style that wouldn’t make you replace them till the ears heal. It is also the smallest option of all beginner studs.

3.Geo spinel studs.

The Geo spinel studs have two very unique spinel stones that are irregular. This makes the beginner earrings architectural and distinct. The 18k yellow gold earrings & rosy oink stones go well with any complexion.

Geo spinel studs

The above are the best earrings to wear when you have just pierced your ears. However, as a beginner, there are also some things to always keep in mind to avoid blaming the earrings in case misfortunes happen.

Caution tips when using beginner earrings.

1. Wash your hands thoroughly.

Newly pierced ears are susceptible.They are vulnerable to germs and may fail to heal or swell, to avoid this, you should always wash your hands thoroughly when you want to hand the earrings to avoid introducing germs to the healing wound.

2. Clean your ears.

You should always clean your ears, especially around the piercing to make sure the piercing remains clean and free from bacteria.

3. Leave earrings in.

Never tamper with the earrings for about 6 weeks. Leave the beginner earrings in till the piercing heals. This is the reason you should choose earrings that are beautiful meaning no reason to change them.

Geo spinel

4. Twist your earrings regularly

You should always move the earrings clockwise and anticlockwise severally each day to make sure the piercing remains well and healing.

5. Avoid some activities.

Swimming should be a big NO during this period. Swimming may introduce some bacteria that are harmful to your piercing healing and may slow the process of healing. With the above kept in mind, you can be sure the piercing will heal in no time, and you can now use those elegant/trending earrings.