What Are The Best Running Apps

Do you hate running? If yes, then you better install some of the best running apps on your phone. Yes, you are right; your smartphone can now help you run and stay healthy at the same time. If you need something new when exercising, then the apps updated regularly to help you stay fit. The following are the best running apps.

Run keeper

The app is free on both iPhone and Andriod. It uses GPS technology to track your run in the best probable way. The good thing about the app is that you can upload your favorite exercise on the Run Keep’s website.


You can share your workout with your loved ones and family through its online platform. If you love music, the app will allow you to listen to your favorite music as you run.

Electric miles

It’s also a free app. It’s meant for Daily Mile and allows you to store all your running data and share it with your friends and loved ones. You can also look at your friends’ workout.

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Map my run


It’s one of the best running apps. It’s free with a paid upgradable option that offers GPS tracking features. It collects all your exercise-related, which included; pace, distance, elevations, calories burned, and heart rate. It’s simple to use hence the most popular among running apps.

Runners world smart coach

The app comes with a free version and a paid upgradable option. It has a great training plan for your running distance. It has plans for every level of training, and it will help you achieve your goal.

Buy the above smartphone app will make running a great fun activity. Ensure you don’t miss out on the mobile app revolution.