What Do Fishermen Use As Bait

If you’re interested in fishing and being successful in it, then you should get to know the basics. The basics of fishing range from; understanding the type of fish you are after, and the kind of bait you will be using.

Baits are the items that are used to entrap anything. So fish bait is used to catch fish. Fish baits are categorized into artificial and live baits. Fishermen use who use grasshoppers, worms, minnows, and frogs are said to use live baits, whereas those who use corn and bread are said to be using artificial lures.

Both of the methods have their pros and cons and are useful for different types of fish. So let’s look at the different types of baits.

1. Live Bait

Mostly used in freshwater. The live baits involve live insects and reptiles that are usually a delicacy of the fish. The different types of live baits include.


• Frogs: They are excellent summer bass bait. Frogs lure fish since they are only found ones the whole year. Though some states forbid their use, there are frog lures. They function as frogs and are useful just like the frogs.

• Grasshoppers and crickets are perfect for trapping Yellow perch, bullhead, bluegills, and others. They tend to attract so many types of fish since they are a shared meal.

• Others include small fish, leeches, and crustaceans; they are baits that are effective in freshwater. But ensure you Learn More about them since some are forbidden in several states.

2. Dead or Cut Bait

In the category of dead baits we have;

• Shads and Alewives

• Bluegills and Yellow Perch

• Suckers

• Shiners

• Minnows

• Gizzards

• Liver

These baits are efficient for catfish, bluegills, striped bass yellow perch and bass. These are not the only varieties they catch.

3. Artificial Baits


Artificial baits can be human foods. That is;

• Bread

• Corn

• Hot Dogs and many others

These are the main types of baits one can utilize. But you can always be smart and try different ways like spoons, soft plastics, and plugs. The ultimate goal is to get your prey.