What Is The Difference Between Camping And Glamping

Engaging in outdoor activities is something therapists will recommend for everyone. Such activities help you to unwind or rather have a fun time with family and friends away from the busy city life.

Among the most loved outdoor activities is camping. Camping has for decades now been an adventurous activity that people engage in to enjoy nature the traditional way. However, recently, a different perspective was brought to the picture; glamorous camping or glamping.

So, what is the difference between camping and glamping? read the full info here.

1. Type of shelter.


When you are going for camping, you have to carry your own tent and set it up at your preferred location to experience nature at its fullest however when going for glamping; your shelter is already set up There are framed shelters fully furnished with amenities such as electricity.

2. Taking a shower.

When you go camping, you do not take a shower at all. However, if you really feel the need to freshen up, you may have to carry your own portable shower. On the other hand, when going glamping, you get the chance to enjoy a hot shower in fully functional bathrooms.

3. Making coffee.

The fun of going camping is how you prepare your meals, including coffee on the campfire using your own collected firewood. However, for glamping, you will get a bag of coffee as complimentary from the management.

4. Sleeping.


Among the things to pack when going camping is your sleeping bag. However, for glamping, you will have the comfort of a short queen size mattress and a pair of bed sheets.

5. Source of water.

When you go camping, one of the favourite activities is going to fetch water at clean streams with jerricans. Some people also prefer to carry their own clean water from home. However, when going glamping, you do not have to stress yourself with all that since there are sinks where you can fetch clean water.

With the above differences, you can already clearly tell where you fall; a camper or glamper!