Where to Find a Good VLSI Online Course

The Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) is a field that involves fitting some logical devices into the least possible area. VLSI has made it possible to have circuits that would have required fitting on large boards to be fit onto boards measuring only some millimeters. VLSI circuits can be found virtually everywhere in cars, cell-phones, computers, to television sets among others.

All this is made possible by expert knowledge on some fields that fall within a similar area, VLSI. Online VLSI courses enable participants to grasp the field’s concepts at their own pace for an in-depth understanding of the design requirements. You can find quality VLSI online courses in the following sites:


Coursera’s online VLSI course is designed for both junior and senior engineers. The course aims at creating an in-depth understanding of how computer-aided design (CAD) tools work.

CAD software enables the integration of various parts in a VLSI chip including logic control, interconnect, memory, and control among others.


NPTEL’s online VLSI course covers the theoretical, implementation, and VLSI CAD tool’s design, testing and verification. The course includes the most important algorithms of the tools to help learners get all-round knowledge of a VLSI design flow.VLSI Design: Topics include high-level synthesis, combinational, large circuit sequential synthesis logic synthesis, and verilog RTL design

Online Course

Verification techniques: Topics include hardware verification introduction and methodologies, and model checking, binary decision diagrams (BDDs) and, combinational equivalence checking, algorithms over BDDs, temporal logics, symbolic model checking, modeling sequential systems.
VLSI testing: Topics covered include introduction, fault simulation, fault models, test generation for combined, algorithm, and sequential circuits, and built-in self-test.


Udemys VLSI online course is delivered using Info-Graphics such as micro-videos. The self-learning course helps learners polish their industrial skills in a VLSI environment.

The progressive course provides a wholesome experience to both new and skilled professionals. The course is specifically tailored to meet the need of learners aspiring to join the VLSI industry to explore new ways of doing things.


Complete a VLSI online course by Very Fast by enrolling at VEDAsity.At VEDAsity, learning takes place on a cloud platform. VeriFast’s training is designed for both starters and senior VLSI engineers. VeriFast’s courses aim at bridging the information gap that exists between universities’ academic programs and current VLSI industry skill set requirements.


The course helps make learners dynamic. Learners specialize and on new VLSI technologies making them become innovators and inventors. Learners learn at their own pace and training sessions include video lectures, hands-on practice labs, dedicated tutor support, and presentations. Learners are also provided with access to mentor graphics, QuestaSim Electronic Design Automation simulation tools.

ASIC Design and Verification Training

Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) Design and Verification training equip learners with skills to be able to positively contribute to specific integrated circuit field such as VLSI domain. Participants are imparted with Register Transfer Level knowledge and skills to help them design and generate a netlist. Besides, participants get acquainted with static time analysis (STA) to enhance design verification and validation. The course targets engineering students in their final years of study, VLSI professionals, and ASIC professionals willing to change their domain specialization.